Mandatory services in specific countries

For greater reliability in Trade Facilitation within Government contracts, Preshipment Inspection of Imports (PSI)

Governments need to ensure that the correct revenues are collected on imports/exports.They need a reliable global partner to help them reach this goal.

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New technology for customs and security operations, X-Ray Scanner Control

Customs authorities are making continual efforts to prevent smuggling and other illegal activities. According to the recommendations of the World Customs Organization Kyoto Convention 1999, Customs authorities should reduce their exclusive reliance on checking movements of goods, and focus more on selective audit controls by using risk management techniques.

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Value Assessment: compliance the new Customs challenge from the WTO, VeriVALUE Database

The WTO Valuation Agreement establishes a customs valuation based on the actual transaction value of imported goods. Valuation and risk analysis tools are vital for Customs authorities to protect government revenue against fraudulent and inaccurate value declarations.

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Optimizing Customs resources by targeting high risk shipments, SmartLane Risk Management
Government authorities and Customs need an efficient way to target high-risk cargoes, while promoting more rapid clearance and release of low-risk goods..

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Consumer and environmental protection by implementation of national / international standards, Verification of Conformity (VOC)

Governments today give high priority to promoting international trade while protecting consumer health, safety and the environment. Most national standard organizations, acting within a legislative framework, call for the intervention of independent third-party companies as a way to maintain full control on goods entering the domestic market.

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Environmental protection and management of forestry resources by monitoring timber exports,Verification of Wood Products for Export   
Governments today want to enhance correct collection of revenues relating to the export of wood products while supporting forestry management and sustainable development of natural resources.
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Enhanced road safety and environmental protection, Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS)
Many countries insist that motor vehicles comply with national environmental and safety standards. Governments are now becoming more focused on implementing legislation to reduce road accidents and the environmental impact of non-compliant vehicles. It is widely accepted that vehicles should be subject to regular technical inspection at pre-set intervals throughout their life.
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Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism - C-TPAT
The post 9-11 environment creates a new set of challenges for retailers, manufacturers and importers who source or manufacture goods globally. New potential security risks at off-shore manufacturing facilities need to be considered by those who import goods into the country. At the same time, companies need to maintain or increase speed-to-market in today’s competitive environment as their products cross the border. The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, known as C-TPAT, offers a solution.

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For greater reliability, security and control in the supply chain /Trade Supply Chai Security Services (SCSS)

Navigating through the complicated world of extended, global supply chains gives rise to security concerns about shipments that travel thousands of miles and are handled by many people and organizations, often relying on multiple modes of transportation.

With C-TPAT, AEO, BASC and a host of other Governmental Security initiatives in place to secure the supply chain, knowing and understanding all the requirements can be very challenging.

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For greater reliability in trade facilitation within non Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) countries, Customs Classification Code Services

Exporters and Importers need to ensure that the goods are correctly classified using the Harmonized System (HS) of the country of import. With incorrect HS codes, importers can receive: substantial fines, delays in Customs clearances, subject to having their shipments seized and even face Civil and Criminal charges. They need a reliable global partner to help them overcome these obstacles.

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New Technology for Monitoring your Transport Operations

The Customs authorities, in case of transport of goods under Customs seal, and importers and exporters, in the case of industrial transport of goods of value, make every effort to prevent smuggling, misappropriation, theft and other illegal activities. This task is particularly difficult in countries where goods have to be carried long distances in regions where there are few controls.

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For greater reliability, security and control in your supply chain

If you are an international trade operator you will be concerned by the requirement to submit a pre-arrival and pre-departure summary declaration of goods that includes information deemed necessary for drawing up a risk analysis. As an International Trade Operator you may request the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).


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