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Bureau Veritas minimizes risk for its Metals and Minerals clients by providing a broad range of essential inspection and testing services throughout the value chain.



While exploration works require reliability on analytical data for resources validation, certainty and accuracy are key across the value chain of mining, smelting, trading and recycling for Miners and traders in view to minimize risk while attaining high industry standards


Through our numerous Mineral commercial and port based laboratories across the world and located in the strategic Mining regions, Bureau Veritas has the infrastructure, capability and expertise to support you minimizing your risk from upstream to the downstream

  • Large spectrum of expertise
    Our laboratories are equipped and capacitated to perform a wide range of testing solutions, using the most recent technologies worldwide. Our technicians are trained to handle all type of Metals & Minerals; this includes and not limited to ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals such as Gold, silver and platinum group metals. We equally test recycled products such as electronic scrap and auto catalysts
  • Exploration & Mining
    Bureau Veritas enables companies to identify viable resources and optimize efficiency during extraction. We analyze all forms of minerals as well as iron-based, non-ferrous and precious metals, using methods such as trace-level analysis, high-precision assaying and laboratory testing. Our geochem laboratories are set and operates in accordance with ISO 17025 standards.
  • Metal & Mineral Trade support
    Bureau Veritas offer a full scope of service in the verification of the quality and quantity of mine production throughout the supply chain. The services will include at the trade stage, the supervision of weighing (using all existing techniques such as draft survey), sampling, pre-shipment, load and discharge inspection, TML, moisture determination, chemical testing, and managing blend operations


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