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The “Restart your business with BV” suite of solutions is enhanced with a digital ecosystem

May. 15 2020

Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC), is offering a digital platform to support companies and public authorities in their health protocols and their commitment to transparency.

The platform includes a set of applications that enhances the "Restart Your Business with BV" suite of solutions. Launched by Bureau Veritas at the end of April, it meets the needs of companies getting ready to restart their business activities in the right sanitary conditions.

The platform includes operational assistance tools for companies who want to reassure stakeholders on their compliance with regulations and recommended protective measures and benefit from a label with online information for end-users and consumers.

Through the "Restart Your Business with BV" initiative, Bureau Veritas is leveraging its expertise in certification processes and management of health, safety and hygiene risks to support economic recovery.

Bureau Veritas' digital ecosystem meets two requirements of companies and public authorities:

  • Traceability: it provides dashboards that house all the information and KPIs collected in the field as well as an overall view of compliance, at a global level, and at specific location or site level.
  • Transparency: it allows members of the general public to check that a facility has a valid label and to locate other sites with valid labels on a map. All information provided can be reused by customers on their own websites and applications, and by third parties according to the open data principle.

In a context where time is of the essence for business resumption, Bureau Veritas also offers companies the ability to register online in order to get their label application process started quickly.

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