sustainability training

Modern businesses are moving beyond reducing environmental impacts and shooting for a loftier goal in sustainability management: implementing a circular economy business model. To reach the ultimate goal of creating a closed-loop system for products and resources, companies are rethinking their linear models of production and consumption.  

Bureau Veritas offers sustainability training solutions to support our comprehensive Circular+ offer. With Bureau Veritas training, you can ensure your staff has the knowledge and tools to implement sustainability management standards and approaches, and evaluate and improve their effectiveness. 

Social responsibility training: ISO 26000

Companies’ social responsibility and responsible sourcing practices are increasingly visible. To prove their credentials, businesses are turning to social responsibility standards like ISO 26000. Bureau Veritas provides an introductory course for corporate social responsibility, teaching your staff the fundamentals of understanding and implementing systems like ISO 26000.  

Energy management training: ISO 50001

Energy management is a foundational pillar of any environmental sustainability strategy. Many businesses choose ISO 50001, an Energy Management System (EnMS) to evaluate and improve their energy consumption. Bureau Veritas offers several digital and classroom ISO 50001 training options for learners of all levels, as well as Transition Auditor training, to ensure companies’ EnMS systems remain up-to-date. 

Social accountability training: SA8000 

Organizations’ commitment to social accountability and responsible supply chain practices are more important than ever. Social Accountability International: SA8000 measures business social performance, evaluating a range of elements. With Bureau Veritas’ Internal Auditor training, your company’s auditors are prepared to evaluate your business practices against SA8000 requirements. 

Resource stewardship training: Forest and timber

Sustainably sourcing and use of resources is critical to your sustainability approach. Bureau Veritas offers a training course for the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification® (PEFC), a forest and timber initiative. Our training explains PEFC’s mission, helping your staff understand and practice sustainable forestry management.